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Hair Extensions

Transform Your Look with Hairdreams: Omnia Salon's Premier Hair Extensions for a Seamless, Radiant Appearance

At Omnia Salon, we understand the power of a stunning hairstyle in enhancing your overall appearance. That's why we swear by Hairdreams extensions—a top-tier solution to revolutionize your look without compromising on quality. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive the highest quality hair from around the world, meticulously tested to be raw, chemical-free, and damage-free.

Seamless Bonding with Fusion Wand Expertise

When it comes to bonding your natural hair with high-quality extensions, we prioritize safety and efficacy. Unlike methods involving heat, which can harm both your hair and the extensions, we utilize a fusion wand at Omnia Salon. This advanced tool seamlessly bonds each extension strand to your own hair, ensuring a discreet, durable attachment. Our trained specialists guarantee a flawless integration that remains unnoticed, providing you with a natural, stunning result. With the skill of our experts, your Hairdreams hair extensions will last a remarkable four to six months.

Unparalleled Quality from Healthy Individuals

Choosing Hairdreams extensions from Omnia Salon means opting for hair collected from individuals who have maintained the utmost hair health. Devoid of any chemical treatments, this raw hair possesses natural elasticity, shine, and cuticles facing in the right direction. Our salon experts carefully select the perfect color match for your natural hair, ensuring that the extensions seamlessly blend in, adhering to your preferences.

Endless Possibilities for a Transformed Appearance

Hair extensions have the power to redefine your look, making them a go-to solution for many women. Whether you're looking to add volume, length, or experiment with different styles and shades, our extensive range of choices caters to all. For those dealing with thinning hair, Hairdreams extensions, combined with the expertise of our skilled stylists at Omnia Salon, provide the perfect solution to achieve your dream hairstyle.

Explore Top Brands at Omnia Salon

In addition to Hairdreams, Omnia Salon proudly offers a selection of other leading hair extension brands, including Bellami Hair, Hot Heads, Babes, Great Length, and Cinderella. Our diverse range ensures that you have the freedom to choose the brand and style that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Complimentary Consultation for Perfect Extensions

For flawless hair extensions and personalized advice, visit Omnia Salon for a complimentary consultation. Our reputation as one of the best in the business is backed by our dedication to delivering exceptional results. Experience the transformative magic of Hairdreams extensions and other premium brands at Omnia Salon, where your dream hairstyle awaits.

Hair Dusting ________________ $80-$100

Hair Installations _______________ $250+

Hair for extensions by consultations.

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